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About Me

About Me

My name is Sophie and I’ve been researching my family tree since around 2012.

I have familial ties to the East Midlands, with my maternal ancestors having lived in Derbyshire for at least nine generations. My paternal ancestors lived primarily in Lincolnshire, with at least seven generations having lived there before my great grandparents settled in Derbyshire. I also have ties to Leicestershire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Kent, and Aberdeen.

In 2018, I graduated from the University of Derby with a degree in Creative Writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and throughout my degree explored my interests in local history and psychology. Following my degree, I decided to undertake an MSc in Psychology at Staffordshire University. Throughout this time, I my love of genealogy has remained strong, and I’d love to undertake some academic courses in genealogy in the future.

I currently reside in Cheshire, however my heart remains in Derbyshire as it’s where I grew up and had some of my most profoundly impactful experiences.

Here is a list of some of my familial surnames that I hope to feature in this blog:

Cave / Wild / Haire / Gibbs / Palmer / Ludlam / Cox / Dumelow